The Holy Temple Tech Team is responsible for creating an online experience through social media and website development and maintenance in order to reach out to the world building Godly relationships and encourage Christian growth.

The Media ministry is responsible for recording and documenting all worship services and events. These recordings include music, the arts, and the preached word.

The Men’s Department promotes the building up, encouraging and strengthening men to fulfill their God given role as men, fathers, and husbands, equipping them to become better citizens of their local communities and worldwide that reflect the character of Christ.

New Members Class offers classes for all new members through out the year. Classes are designed to help new members build and understanding of their role as a member of the body of Christ

Women’s Department focuses on developing the whole women, spiritually, mentally and physically through fellowship, workshops, conferences and all around fun.

Young Women’s Christian Council (YWCC) is a vehicle through which young women can get together, grow in God’s word, apply biblical truths to their daily lives and ultimately live a victorious life through Christ. 


The Missionaries and Helping Hands strives to bring encouragement to individuals in need during times of illness and grief through card ministry and visitations to homes, hospitals, nursing homes, and more. Gifts and tokens of love are also distributed to individuals and families during the year.


The Music Ministry includes various choirs: Holy Temple Choral Ensemble, Children’s Choir, Senior Choir, as well as instrumental musicians with the purpose of ushering in a spirit of worship and setting the atmosphere so that the hearts of men, women and children are prepared to receive the word of God, ultimately changing lives for the better.

The Arts Ministry is a reflection of public worship through various styles of performing arts including: Dance Ministry, Mime Ministry, Step Team, The Spoken Word, etc. Through this form of worship the ministry seeks to move and flow in the Spirit and to build a platform where the presence of God is both felt and glorified.


Puppetry is a community outreach program designed to assist in the development of our youth. We focus on building self-esteem, self-awareness, positive thinking, and much more. Puppetry skits are a unique way of relaying a message about every day situations and challenges that people of all ages can relate to. 

Youth Department provides a Christ-centered environment where young people may develop spiritually, emotionally and socially, through learning about God, oneself and one another. 



The Sunday School Department welcomes all ages. Sunday school is the time to dig deep into the word of God at a level that all can understand, to learn what the bible teaches and how it applies to our daily lives. We have classes for children, youth, young adults and adults. Each lesson is designed to strengthen and encourage your faith and equip you for life.